Yelp is adding a sixth star, but here’s the deal

When it comes to rankings, Yelp’s five-star system is kind of the gold standard. We all have our own way of determining where we draw the line when it comes to stars, and of course a five-star review basically makes any place royalty among their service category. But how can you know if a restaurant or salon is really, really great? Yelp is making it happen with a new, sixth star.

Yes, that’s right. A new sixth star that will help you separate the best from the absolute best. But in order to get that star, merchants will have to scan a special QR code, and getting it will require completing a few tasks, which Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppel laid out for The Late Show.

To test their “shrewdness and fortitude,” merchants need to get in touch with The Witch of the Mire and survive a haunted dungeon full of not-friendly dudes. But once businesses do that, they’ll get the QR code that unlocks the sixth star.

I mean, it sounds pretty reasonable and not at all terrible when you consider the prestige of that sixth star, right?

(Image via Shutterstock)