A new study suggests that if we eat this color food, our body will release happy hormones

Is eating bananas, macaroni and cheese, and corn the secret to happiness? It could indeed be, friends! A study conducted by the Happy Egg Company reveals that eating yellow foods releases hormones that make us happier. Which sounds crazy, right? So crazy, in fact, that it might be true…

Cosmopolitan reported that psychologists believe our relationship with color begins at a young age and, specifically, the way we see food is often impacted by its color. The color yellow apparently stimulates the left side of the brain, encouraging us to perceive it as a warm and fun color, thus allowing us to keep an open mind to yellow foods.


The U.K.-based free-range egg company released the findings of a survey that asked people to rank foods based on what they perceived to be the happiest. In the study, 61% of people believed omelettes to be the happiest food, followed by mac and cheese, and pancakes. (We 100% agree and are now STARVING.)


On the impact of color and emotions, neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis told Metro, “There is lots of research to show how colour can affect our emotions, but we were surprised to discover that so many yellow food groups evoked such strong positive feelings as well as stimulating taste buds.


The findings of this study actually make a lot of sense. We often associate colors with various aspects of our life, even our emotions. From asking a sad person why they’re so blue to associating red with anger, color is all over our emotions.

We’re neither scientists nor psychologists, but it’s always interesting to learn about how our perceptions impact our choices. Next time we choose a snack, we’ll have to keep an eye out for how our mood impacts our decision.

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