Yellow blush is a thing that is happening, and we’re torn

Beauty bloggers and makeup artists just projected a new seasonal trend. According to some of the best in the business, yellow blush is the latest thing to take the industry by storm. But, we’re a bit torn. And, we’re going to explain exactly why.

On one hand, too much of the blush could look like a really bad bronze job. And then on the other, just the right amount could really set off any summery makeup look. It’s definitely beautiful. But in our opinion, it should totally be used as just an accent or highlight.

Oh, and we’re not the only ones. Many beauty enthusiasts took to Twitter to share just how they feel about the new trend, as well.

The daring highlight has been sweeping editorial spreads and Instagram pages, and there are quite a few who seem to be really into it.

The new movement has also hilariously been dubbed “Cheeto-cheeks.” But we have to admit, it does look pretty cool.

But, some folks think that yellow blush just an all around, bad idea. And that we should just do away with it all together.


See how we’re torn? Sure, it can look really awesome. But, a heavy hand and application could really have someone looking as if they’re a walking outbreak waiting to happen. And that’s no bueno.

The bright makeup look has some mixed reviews. But overall, it seems like the hue is here to stay. As long it’s used sparingly, that is.

All of the debate makes us curious about what other summery trends the makeup industry will spring upon us. And as always, we’ll totally look to all of the brave beauty souls out there to give them a go before we make any attempts. Because, one wrong stroke, and you could ruin the entire craze for everyone.

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