Yeah, we’re going to need these ridiculous hats to become a huge thing

We bet you didn’t know you wanted to wear a turtle on your head. Yep. Lynn Johnson has owned a turtle hat for over 20 years, and now he’s bringing them to us, too.


Apparently, he gets so much positive attention when he wears his, he decided to create a Kickstarter campaign so, we, too, can don the super cute hats.

The good news? Johnson already raised the $5,000 he was looking for to produce the hats, and then some, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still support the cause.

Turtle hats for everyone!


And who could refuse his tagline?!

“The Turtle Hat. Helping people come out of their shells!”

People seem to be on board, obvs. false

Johnson bought his turtle hat in Colorado after taking a fall while skiing.

“I have had this silly and wonderful turtle hat for 20 years,”

Johnson stated on his Kickstarter page. “The hat immediately became something of a phenomenon for me… I’d get smiles and ‘Hey, love your hat.’” He went on to say how the hat “helps me switch gears and be more laid back.”


On his website and Kickstarter, Johnson also gives tongue-in-cheek reasons for wearing the hat.

So what made Johnson want to make the turtle hat available for the masses?!

After his hat started to get worn out, Johnson looked for a replacement hat. He finally found one at an online vintage clothing store. But when that one started to get worn out, the only solution was to get a replica made — but the cap maker said the minimum order would be $5,000 (!). Hence, Johnson’s Kickstarter campaign.

Mission accomplished.

The only bad news? We have to wait till December to receive the hats. But some things are worth waiting for, right? And this is def one of them.