This changes everything! Science thinks menopause might be reversible

In the awesome age of ladies leaning in and building our fempire, there’s a lot for ladies to get done in life, and getting to family, career and personal life can take time to get sorted out. Fortunately for us, an article in NewScience has good news for anyone climbing the corporate ladder while also worrying about their biological clock.

According to new research, menopause need no longer be the end of fertility.

A team of scientists found a new treatment that can rejuvenate ovaries and restart periods in menopausal women.


I know what you’re thinking, once you’ve finally ridden your life of the monthly visitor that brings cramps and bloating, why would you ever want it back? But periods mean babies, and for a lot of women who have waited until later in life to start a family, this new science could be the answer.


It’s tough to have it all with the limited timeline for baby making that our bodies are born with. While biologically, we’re most fertile in our 20s, many women today are waiting into their 40s before starting a family.

In the study, a patient who had started menopause five years before the procedure, at 40, was injected with Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. This is a magical cocktail made by using some of a person’s blood to isolate the specific cells that trigger the growth of tissue and blood vessels. They then take this PRP and inject it back into you, as they did for the woman in the study, and it gives you back your period, as well as your ability to conceive a baby. Then you’re free and clear to experience the beauty of childbirth.


How is any of this amazing science even possible? The truth is, even the scientists in the study aren’t totally sure. They think that the PRP stimulates stem cells to grow new eggs, but the science is still very new.

But it’s great news for the future for women who may take into their 40s before they feel ready to start a family. Let’s celebrate!


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