15 of the best period swag items on Etsy

1. Sanitary napkin clutch, rommydebommy, $39.91


Stylishly combine your menstrual cycle with your outfit by accessorizing with a maxi pad purse. You can also carry your actual pad inside this clutch for some sort of period-ception!

2. Pad & Tampon plush toy, Plusheez, $22.08


If cramps get you down, you can snuggle up with these plushy maxi and tampon toys.

3. Minions menstrual cloth pad, Telitos, $6.84


Knowing that you’re bleeding on a minion might be a little weird. But, like, in a good way.

4. Hand-painted P.M.S. china plate, Norasnovity, $35.00


Your cheesy pizza period cravings will taste even better on this P.M.S. plate.

5. Menstrual cup pouch, AnnieSewCrafty, $5.78


Carry your menstrual cup in one of these sassy pouches!

6. Shark attack period panties, TextileChampion, $23.00


Nothing makes more sense during shark week than Jaws-inspired underwear.

7. Pink tampon lapel pin, BanginArt, $7.00


Wear this cute tam-pin that’s subtle enough to make someone do a double take.

8. Menstruation greeting card, Intrauterine, $3.75


Whether you’re trucking through your first period or your fifty-thousandth, a congratulatory greeting card would be an awesome pick-me-up.

9. Heavy flow badge, EcoOdd, $1.00


There’s no beating around the bush with this HEAVY FLOW pin.

10. Fertility tracking bracelet, LadyTrackers, $20.00


Forget that period-tracking app and wear a bracelet that does the same thing!

11. Bloody tampon pet toy, meowadays, $15.00


Hey, it’s better than your cat getting a hold of your actual tampon.

12. Pad and tampon cross-sitch, WhittyB, $14.00


An adorable piece of period-themed bathroom art? Who knew?

13. SACRED and MYSTERIOUS, Healing Wisdom & Herbal Lore for Those Who Menstruate, ChelseaGranger, $10.00


This ‘zine not only looks cool, it also includes info that will help you with your cycle!

14. Menses handmade weaving, JackieDivesHome, $16.00


Need some home decor inspiration? This wall hanging might cause your guests to wonder just what exactly they are looking at.

15. Vampire teabag horror prop, StarseedRicinus, $15.00


This might very well be the best (worst?) period prank to play on someone.

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