YASSS: There’s now a mini version of the famous magnetic mask from Dr. Brandt

Those of us who want dewy baby skin but often find ourselves traveling (or running around our home city like chickens) will be relieved and refreshed to know that the famous magnetic mask from Dr. Brandt is now available in travel size. For those previously unfamiliar with the scientific wizardry of Dr. Brandt, the brand has delightfully luxe magnetic face masks.

The lush mask contains gorgeously scented iron, which you apply in goo form to your face for 20 minutes (give or take). After letting the expensive magic iron goo set, you use a small triangular magnet (there’s got to be an Illuminati connection here) to remove the goo and reveal tight dewy skin.

The regular sized container of this magnetic whimsy goes for $75 a pop, so news of the cheap(er) travel size version is refreshing for people craving glowing skin, but on a budget.

The new travel size Magnetight only costs $24 and is available on the Ulta website as well as Ulta brick and mortar stores.

Are you emotionally prepared to cover your skin in magnets while on-the-go?

Because there is officially no excuse now.

We’re excited both for the opportunity to buy this mask for a much more affordable price. But mostly, we’re excited to apply the travel-size Magnetight on Amtrak to freak out all the other passengers.

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