Yasss Aubrey Plaza is finally on Instagram and Chris Pratt wants you to follow her

Aubrey Plaza is known for her hilarious deadpan one-liners on Parks and Recreation, and her on-screen chemistry with Parks and Rec love-interest Chris Pratt.

Yet, despite becoming one of the most sought-after actresses in comedy, Plaza, 33, has remained completely absent from social media. We all know girl could ROCK the 140-character format, but, we guess she’s just been focused on other things. Until now. The half-Puerto Rican, half-Irish actress has started an Instagram account, and her buddy Chris Pratt sent out the welcoming message:

My name is Burt Macklin…And I’m with the fuckin’ F.B.I.

Please follow my TV wife @plazadeaubrey Aubrey Plaza AKA Janet Snakehole. She is new to Instagram. ????? She is going to post really weird and funny stuff.

Apparently, Burt Macklin, Parks and Recreation‘s resident deadbeat, has become an F.B.I. agent, and his girl April Ludgate is now some kind of spy.

We know better than to not take Pratt’s advice. Plaza’s IG feed is going to be off-the-charts entertaining. So, we followed her. Have you?

As of this writing, she’s only posted one pic, the newly released image for FX’s new Legion series.

“Despite a life of drugs and alcohol abuse, [she] knows that any day now her life is going to turn around — which gives Lenny the likeable energy of the impossible optimist despite her rough demeanor.”

Welps, sounds fun!