YAS! The Season 4 trailer for “Broad City” is here

We’re not telling you to stay inside all day and watch TV this summer but, the season 4 trailer for Broad City is here, and it looks like this season will be freakin’ amazing. YAAS KWEEEEN!! Everyone’s favorite dynamic duo is coming back. It’s been over a year since Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s Comedy Central series graced our screens, but that’s all about to change.

In the preview — soundtracked by Jennifer Lopez’s 2005 jam “Get Right” — we see Abbi and Ilana channeling their inner J.Lo and going on all-new adventures, including a possible road trip to Florida, a lot of self-care for their lady parts, hanging around the apartment with strap-on dildos, challenging abortion protestors, and all kinds of sexual exploration (perhaps, the very best kind of exploration).

Per a tweet about the new season from Broad City‘s account, “word 2 the wise — move to a space safe for screaming b4 watching.” We wholeheartedly agree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zlkhuHNmK4

New episodes will hit our screens on August 23rd on Comedy Central and feature guest stars like RuPaul, Steve Buscemi, and Wanda Sykes, to name a few, and the return of a beloved Hannibal Buress as Lincoln.

At the end of the trailer, our girl Ilana gives a shoutout to the current president while masturbating with a vibrator. So, it’s safe to say nothing is off limits this season — and we couldn’t be more excited to dive in.

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