Hey, crafters: It turns out that you can knit with your excess pet fur

We love our pets . . . and we mean we LOVE our pets. And now all pet owners  have a new way to show their endless devotion: by spinning their pet’s fur into yarn and then knitting something from it.

Mashable introduced us to Marion Wheatland of Spinning Pets Yarn in Melbourne, Australia, whose business will spin your pet fur into yarn. While the idea might sound a bit strange at first, it’s actually a sweet way to keep a beloved pet close by at all times — say, with a blanket or scarf or hat.

As the spinning teacher explains on her site, she wants the pet fur yarn to be:

Any animal’s fur will work — dog, cat, horse, whatever — so long as it is the length of your thumb. The fur will then be blended with sheep’s wool for softness and durability. So for any crafty animal-lovers out there with a shaggy golden retriever or a long-haired cat, the possibilities are endless.

Pretty awesome, right? Now, excuse us while we go give Mr. Nibbles a much-needed summer haircut . . .

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