Yara Greyjoy fangirled out over Eleven from “Stranger Things” just like we all would

While we eagerly away Season 7 of Game of Thrones, we’re desperately seeking shows to fill the big, empty holes in our binge-watching hearts. Luckily, Stranger Things came along and helped fill some of that void. HOORAY!

Stranger Things has also brought us our latest character obsession, Eleven.


This shaved-headed, telepathic hero of the show, played by insanely talented actor Millie Bobby Brown, is a girl after our own hearts.

And who’s another girl, well really, WOMAN we love? Well, Yara Greyjoy, of course!


In fairness, we pretty much love ALL the women of Thrones, but Yara is just so BAD-ASS!

And because the universe can be a wonderful place, these two insane talents met in real life, and they were just as excited to meet each other as we would’ve been.

Here’s Gemma’s photo.

Her caption: “I am such a FANGIRL for this girl!”

And here’s Millie’s version of this magical moment.


Her caption: “GOT meets Stranger Things!”

All of us, right now.

Can you imagine how insane it would be if Eleven met ALL our favorite ladies of Thrones?

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