Someone turned “Yanny” and “Laurel” into an optical illusion, and our brains are officially donezo

If you aren’t aware of the Yanny versus Laurel debate that consumed the internet this week, we don’t know if we should applaud you for staying out such millennial things, or shame you for not getting in on the ridiculousness. “Yanny and Laurel” is an audio clip floating around the internet and anyone who listens to it either hears the word “Yanny” or “Laurel.” Sorry to ruin the fun, but the only answer is Laurel. The audio clip originated from the page for Laurel and the soundbite is its pronunciation guide.

However, that doesn’t mean people aren’t hearing Yanny, like Mindy Kaling who fought with B.J. Novak about it because she couldn’t believe he wasn’t hearing Yanny like she was.

Anyway, whether you heard Yanny or you heard Laurel, you might have discovered that at a certain point, you could hear both. Sometimes it was Laurel when you stood next to the speaker, or Yanny when you listened to it farther away. Several times we swear we heard Yanurel! Danny Aronson, CEO of EVEN headphones, told HelloGiggles that whatever word you hear is dependent on which frequencies in the audio clip you focus on. Higher frequencies will lead you to “Yanny,” while lower frequencies point you to “Laurel.”

Now, some evil genius on the internet has extended the shelf-life of this bizarre internet gimmick and turned it into an optical illusion.

Do you see Yanny or do you see Laurel?

This visual interpretation was created by artist Ariadne Remoundakis.

We see a bit of both because this Yanny/Laurel business has corrupted our brains. If this isn’t enough to sate you, there’s also a new (!) audio fixation floating around the ‘net called: “Brainstorm” or “Green Needle.”

With this one, you can will your brain to hear whichever phrase you allow your mind to fixate on.

Guys, it’s Friday, can we be done with all of this yet?

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