The internet can’t decide if this audio clip says “Yanny” or “Laurel,” and it’s officially the new blue/gold dress

It’s official: The internet has stumbled on the blue dress/gold dress debate of 2018. But this time, it’s not about what we’re seeing — it’s about what we’re hearing. That’s right. Twitter can’t decide if they’re hearing “Yanny” or “Laurel” in an audio clip, and it’s definitely about to cause a ton of outrage in your group texts.

The clip was originally posted on Reddit in a subreddit called r/blackmagicf-ckery (we know, we laughed too) by user Roland Camry. While the original post didn’t get a ton of traction, it went viral after a few influencers on Twitter posted about it. The auditory illusion consists of a man saying one word over and over. For some, he’s clearly saying “Yanny.” But others only hear “Laurel,” no matter how hard they listen. We honestly don’t even know what to believe anymore,

You can hear it for yourself here. Caution — much like the color-shifting dress, this might cause some heated debate.

Unfortunately, unlike the dress, this can’t actually be traced back to a piece of merchandise (the dress was *technically* blue by the way, according to the seller). So there’s no definitive answer. And as expected, Twitter is currently losing it over the Yanny/Laurel divide.

Seriously, how?!

Someone tried to adjust the bass, saying you could hear both that way, but…that’s not true for everyone (at least not for us over here at HG headquarters).

Super weird, right? If anything, we suppose it’s an important reminder that others may not always perceive the world the way we do.

And of course we have to ask: Which word do you hear?

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