12 super cute bike tattoos to show your love for the earth

When it comes to the earth, we’re bowing down. Like, seriously. We’ve had it with the pollution and climate change and just not giving AF when it comes to treating our world with the decency and dignity it deserves. So while we’re working on cleaning up our habits, one habit we’ve gotten into is riding bikes. And what better way to pay homage to ~mother earth~ than getting our beloved bikes inked?! Bike tattoos are super cute, super edgy, and for a good cause.

Here are our some of our fave bike tattoos!

1. This cutie

2. This simple bike


3. This geometric scene

4. This artsy bike

5. And this one

6. This thigh piece

7. This ankle piece


8. And this one


9. This little bit o' wrist art


10. This stunning rib piece

11. This beauty

12. This back piece


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