18 WTF moments in “Thumbelina” you probably forgot

Thumbelina is one of those not-Disney-but-could-pass-for-Disney movies that lives on in our hearts right between Anastasia and FernGully. The story is as old as time: a thumb-sized teenager is kidnapped by a show business obsessed frog and forced to find her way home with the help of a French swallow and greedy field mouse. Classic!

While you might remember every word of “Let Me Be Your Wings,” you may have forgotten some of these stranger details from Thumbelina. Here are a few reminders:

1. Thumbelina is birthed by a flower, fully clothed.

She totally skips being a baby and going through puberty.


2. So basically, she’s like three days old when she meets Prince Cornelius.

Who rides a bumble bee like a motorcycle and tells Thumbelina he wants her to meet his parents right after their first date.


3. She wants to marry Prince Cornelius after they duet only one time.

Probably because she has been alive for about 72 hours.


4. Thumbelina was voiced by Jodi Benson, who also brought Ariel from The Little Mermaid to life.

The vocal actress might have been type-casted as the boy-crazy redhead.


5. And Gilbert Gottfried, better known as Iago the parrot from Aladdin, also made an appearance as the icky Mr. Beetle.

What would Jafar think about this?


6. All of the animals in Thumbelina wear clothes and can speak English …

Despite living in Paris.


7. Except Thumbelina’s dog, Hero.

Who can’t even save her from a diva frog and has a big bald spot on his head. Why doesn’t he get a hat?


8. Also, for some reason, animals use gold coins as currency.

Even though they don’t have pockets. Where do they keep their wallets?!


9. In this animal universe, marriage is rull casual. Pretty much everyone wants to marry Thumbelina.

But no one wants to take her out for a freaking burrito.


10. At one point, the easily flattered Thumbelina is coerced into performing at “The Beetle Ball,” but her clothes fall off (?) and the bugs call her ugly.

She should have used some safety pins or, like, fashion tape to keep her dress secured!


11. The bugs insult her by suggesting she has fleas.

Which makes no sense because there very well could be fleas in the audience.


12. Okay, and speaking of things that make no sense, can we talk about Cornelius’s finger?

It never freezes. How does it not get frostbite? How does he never get frostbite?


13. Meanwhile, Ms. Fieldmouse sets up Thumbelina with Mr. Mole in exchange for money.

So, she’s technically a pimp, pretty much.


14. And Thumbelina almost marries that mole!!!!

Get it together, gurl. The mole’s house is underground — you are a teeny tiny human! You can’t live underground.


15. In a shocking twist, Cornelius and his popsicle of a pointer finger survive the winter.

Here is their second date.


16. Thumbelina turns into a fairy at the end of the movie.

Apparently, making out with a fairy means you get wings. No fair!


17. Then, two seconds after becoming a fairy, Thumbelina gets to be QUEEN OF THE FAIRIES.

None of the citizens of the fairy kingdom had any objections? Really? Yeah right.


18. Thumbelina is just really really lucky that the woodland creatures like Jaquimo the swallow are looking out for her.

Because otherwise this movie would’ve been a lot shorter.


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