Written In the Stars: February 2013 Horoscopes

Ooh, February is the month of love! Act accordingly!

Want to know something about yourself, Cap? Your animal is often depicted as a sea-goat—yes, a goat with a fish’s tail. What an unusual combination, I can only imagine how that must translate into your life, specifically into your love life. We think of goats as followers, the kind of animal that is easily wrangled, who potentially “speaks up” when bothered, but is relatively laid back overall. But what about a fish? What a floppy, seemingly mindless little creature, right? How in the world do these two things combine into a functioning unit?

Well, dear Capricorn, you tell me. How can you utilize all of your contradictory qualities to gain a better sense of not only yourself, but of that mate you adore so much? If he or she is not yours, quit the aloofness and make moves this month. If he or she is, let them know how you feel. You probably haven’t said it in awhile.

Though there are twelve signs on the zodiac charts, I have an easy time assigning the title of “Most Complicated” to the dear Aquariuses. As frustrating as it is to love an Aquarius, I think it is even harder to be an Aquarius. This is the month of love, Aquarius, and you likely have no time for such a petty aspect of life. But—this month, I challenge you to focus on something not entirely more important than human connection. Do you truly believe love to be a silly part of life, or are you still just telling yourself that? Yes, you are not a hopeless romantic, and that is more than okay, but it is acceptable—even encouraged—for you to look up from your latest project and smile at a stranger. You never know who is waiting to be frustrated with you for the rest of your life.

Famous Water Bearers: Abraham Lincoln, Jennifer Aniston, Christian Bale, Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres (love match!), Dr. Dre, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Laura Linney, Molly Ringwald, John Travolta, Oprah.

Little fishy, you have been wandering lately…but what else is new? Your escapist way of dreaming about everything is making you a little weary in your love life. Listen carefully, and try not to let your sensitivities get in the way of good advice: buckle down. Yes, dreaming is important, but if you are in a relationship with a non-dreamer, there are times when you need to be realistic. If you are in a relationship with a dreamer like yourself, there are times when you both need to be realistic. And if you are not in a relationship at all, I am letting you know that your flighty way of imaginative thinking is only appealing for so long. Once you have what you want (yes, the dreamy charm does attract), try to use real words and real choices to maintain your love.

Famous Fishies: Christopher Walken, Elton John, Robert Downey Jr., Conan O’Brien, Aretha Franklin, Dr. Seuss, Olivia Wilde, Dakota Fanning, the Biebs, Rihanna, Emily Blunt.

Do you know what happens when you Google “love quotes”? Of course you don’t, because an Aries would never waste time on such a stupid activity. But if you had a little spare time, maybe even the cliché ones would wear you down eventually and you would realize that, though you do complicate every little thing, sometimes love is right under your nose. Stop searching for something you already know you have.

Go get her; she’s still waiting for you.

Oh, my dear Taurus. Everyone but a Taurus knows that Tauruses are the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, and everyone but a Taurus knows that Tauruses like to state everything matter-of-factly because Tauruses are a bit all-knowing, even when they know maybe even a little bit less than everyone around them. Oftentimes, people are humoring you, dear Bull, and you may not even realize it. But I need to tell you something really important: the ones that are not humoring you—you will be able to see it in their eyes, and feel it in the way they never give up on you–those ones are the ones you should be committing your time and energy to, not the ones yes-man-ing you. Learn the difference in this month of passion and romance, or at least try to start learning the difference.

The restlessness of a Gemini is only heightened by the fact that a Gemini is two people. When in a relationship, sweet Gemini, you need to keep your mind (both of them) in check with reality: you are hard to handle, maybe harder to handle than any other astrological sign due to your not necessarily negative two-faced personality. You can be sensitive, or strong; funny, or serious; timid, or bold. Do you know how hard it is to keep track of which page you are on? Empathize with the one in love with you, not that we all aren’t doing that for you.

Moonchild, quit your cryin’ this month. Yes, you are moody, and you are allowed to be so, but maybe you should do as that old saying says and finally try to “turn that frown upside down.” Listen, February is the shortest month of the year, so you may as well try to make the best of it. Money woes can get you down, your love life is nothing extremely exciting right now, it is really cold outside, and you are about ready to put on a swimsuit and lay out with a book, but—these things are all a part of life. Make the changes you need to make yourself happy. Your mood specifically affects everyone around you, so you will be doing us all a favor. Wear an extra sweater to fight the cold, or go to a sauna. Money is just money, pay your bills on time and find something free to do for fun. As for love, well, break out of your shell for once and go find it.

Leo, you have a ridiculous tendency to start thirty-five million projects at once. Halfway through the month, you usually have a meltdown because on top of work and all of your many extracurriculars, you also have a social life, and within that social life, you usually have a love life, even when you don’t necessarily want one. And within that love life, you are usually juggling a few different people, all of whom you care about deeply, all of whom stress you out to the point of feeling crushed by a giant avalanche. Well, tis the season for love, Leo! And what are you going to do? This year, will you rein it in, choose one, and focus on making yourself happy, or will you continue to stress yourself out with unfinished business?

We both know the answer to this question, but maybe you should think of choosing the former…not that I would ever tell a Leo what to do.

I know you like to keep to yourself, sweet Virgo, but there are times when it is okay to turn to others. You have people around you who love you dearly—potentially more than you love yourself. It is okay to use your big voice, to let it be heard somewhere other than inside of yourself. Your friends chose you for a reason, they want to hear you. Speak up. February can be a difficult month for the introverted. Sidestep that cliché early on.

I know a Libra who has passionate opinions like a Leo, but she keeps them fairly neutral in public. The gift of seemingly unbiased behavior is one of the greatest parts of a Libra, and everyone appreciates it—however, are you silencing yourself? Know the difference between being that balance for everyone else, and speaking your mind for yourself. If you are not being treated well by your One, now is the time to say something. He or she will still love you, maybe even a little bit more.

If you could “ctrl-F” in your own life, what would you search for? Without the convenient technological advances the computer era allows us, we think it impossible to recall on our own. Maybe you cannot remember an exact quote from your own life, but you can remember the sentiment if you really put your mind to it. Use this month to reflect on your past experiences. Consider applying them to your current situation. Shutting out an experience—a former relationship, childhood, whatever it may be—does not help you learn from it, and you could use a lesson this month.

No one in their right mind would accuse a fire sign like yourself of insecurity, but it is very possible for moments of weakness with such a strong sign full of pride. I challenge you to take some time to yourself this month—no people pleasing, no masks, no conforming—and by the end of the month, maybe you will feel more comfortable showing your real self to the world. And guess what? The ones who love you will still love you.

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