Sade’s “Wrinkle in Time” song is here, and it’s like a gorgeous lullaby

Sade is known for her smooth, serene sound, so when word broke that she would be contributing a song to the soundtrack for A Wrinkle in Time after a 15 year hiatus, we knew we were in for something fantastic. Ava DuVernay approached Sade about A Wrinkle in Time, not really expecting to usher the brilliant artist out of retirement, but to DuVernay’s surprise, Sade was more than willing to contribute her amazing talent to the soundtrack of this groundbreaking film.

DuVernay posted a link to the song on her Twitter, and the internet essentially lost its collective mind. And we don’t blame them, because the song, “Flower of the Universe,” is a damn delight, featuring Sade’s calming, soulful sound that we’ve all come to love so much. “Flower of the Universe” is a completely original song crafted just for the movie, and it is basically the perfect tune to listen to when you need to calm down, find your center, and realize the warrior you can truly be.

Unfortunately, the full song was taken down, but The Style Journal posted an excerpt onto its Instagram, and that alone will utterly blow you away.

If this little sneak peek simply isn’t enough for you, you’re in luck. The full Wrinkle in Time soundtrack will be available on March 9th (the same day the move hits theaters) wherever you get your music. So you’ll be able to welcome Sade’s amazing new song (along with other wonderful, original tracks from artists like Sia, DJ Khaled, Demi Lovato, and much more) directly into your ears.

Initial reviews for A Wrinkle in Time have been largely positive, and the film has already made a huge impact with free screenings for underprivileged kids. It seems only right that such a magnificent movie would have an equally perfect soundtrack to go along with it, and “Flower of the Universe” is definitely shaping up to be our new favorite song with its wonderful message of love and empowerment.

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