Wren from “Pretty Little Liars” is officially returning for second half of Season 7 and we’re screaming

Did y’all hear that? That noise was the collective screams heard across the globe because Julian Morris, who plays Wren, the kind-of-villain-but-we-still-love-him-anyways in the hit Freeform television show Pretty Little Liars, is officially coming back to the show for the last half of Season 7.

And although we’re unsure of how much of Morris’s character we’ll actually see in the last half of the season, showrunner I. Marlene King hinted at Wren’s return earlier this summer in a tweet to a fan:

Fans have long speculated that Wren is Uber-A and TBH, there are some strong theoretical arrows pointing in his direction; one of them being that in his last appearance on the show, he was seen coloring in a drawing of a woman in a red coat. Wren was also mysteriously absent when Spencer went to visit him and her sister, Melissa, in London.

Julian Morris hasn’t physically appeared in an episode of Pretty Little Liars since 2013, so the announcement of his return has fans everywhere buzzing:

You can catch Pretty Little Liars on Tuesdays at 8PM on Freeform.