Prepare for the ultimate Sugar Rush: Disney World might be getting a “Wreck-It Ralph” ride

If you’ve ever wanted to actually step inside the machine and hang out with Ralph, Vanellope, and Fix-It-Felix, then prepare for some pretty sweet news: Disney World is supposedly getting ready to build a Wreck-It-Ralph ride, and we want to get in line for it right now.

The 2012 movie — that taught us that being bad can sometimes be good — was a huge hit, and a sequel to it is in the works for 2018. Now, it sounds like they’ll be an actual Ralph attraction, too, which means you might soon find yourself racing Vanellope, or trying your best at Hero’s Duty (ha, Hero’s Duty).


While this is still just a rumor right now, and Disney hasn’t confirmed anything, it’s a really good rumor. According to WDW Today, Stitch’s Great Escape in Tomorrowland will be closed and completely refurbished for this new Ralph ride (whispers: and not many of us will actually miss Stitch). Inside the theater, instead of seats, they’ll be ~racing cars~ that guests can board and then thanks to some nifty virtual reality, actually get to RACE. Guests might even be able to design their own cars, like what happens over at Test Track in EPCOT, and that would be awesome.

Tomorrowland at Disney World is expect to go through a massive face-lift within the next few years (you know, because the future is constantly changing and stuff). It would make sense for a Ralph ride to make its way to the area, and now that we’re thinking about it, we definitely want this to happen. Actually, we NEED this to happen.

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