Have you made your #WreathWitherspoon yet?

Leave it to Mindy Kaling to give us a brand new holiday tradition. On the Christmas episode of The Mindy Project, her and her dreamy boyfriend, Danny (played by the dreamy Chris Messina) get into a little squabble over Mindy’s Christmas decorations. Danny objects to Mindy’s topless Rihanna Christmas topper — you know, since that’s not really “in the Christmas spirit.” Blasphemy, I say.

That’s not the only awesome pop culture decoration Mindy has for the season — she’s also got her Wreath Witherspoon. Which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a Christmas wreath. But covered in pictures of Reese Witherspoon. The writers over at Mindy get a A+ for wordplay this season.

Of course, our media obsessed Mindy noticed all the #WreathWitherspoons cropping up on social media, and Instagram’ed a collection of them (including one by HG writer Erin Mallory Long!). And yes, even Reese herself has seen them, and she appears to be a big fan, too. How could you not be a fan when hordes of smart, savvy girls have taken to arts and crafts to create Christmas decorations based off of your name?

These wreaths are great, and I hope the tradition lasts for many years to come. Maybe next year we can all get behind Chris Pine Trees, too. I have not made my WreathWitherspoon yet, and I’ll save that for a Christmas Eve surprise that I know my mom will love (you know, after I’m done explaining it to her first). I’ve just gotta get my hands on a dozen magazine pictures of Reese first. In the meantime, here’s some inspiration I’ll be turning to from around the Interwebz:

Images via here, here, here, here, and here.