This woman makes exquisite dresses out of wrapping paper

One of the best parts of the holidays is the giving (and receiving) of gifts. But what do you do once the festivities are over, and you’re left with piles of holiday wrapping paper ? Well, you could take a page from Olivia Mears and transform old wrapping paper into stunning dresses. The North Carolinian costume maker has been fashioning wrapping paper into gorgeous gowns for years. This is a form of upcycling we can totally get behind.

Mixing fashion-forward looks with savvy recycling, Olivia Mears gives holiday wrapping paper a glamorous new life. After her first holiday wrapping paper dress went viral, Mears determined that this was destined to become a yearly tradition. Since then, she’s blown her social media followers away every single year with a gorgeous, unconventional, wrapping paper-based design.

Her holiday wrapping paper dresses are stunning — and also deceptive. At first glance, you’d never expect them to be made from something you can purchase at the drug store for a few dollars. But with a careful application of glitter, bows, and a lot of tape, Mears makes unforgettable gowns. It’s no wonder these images go viral every year.

Make no mistake: These recyclable gowns are a labor of love. Mears goes over every detail, making sure every single aspect is perfect. And all her hard work pays off: These designs can be worn out and about to holiday events.

We’re in love with these whimsical Disney princess-esque designs. If this is the future of environmentally-friendly fashion, sign us up now! Also, hand over all your old wrapping paper, please and thank you.

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