Wow, was Melania Trump’s blouse at the debate actually subtle shade at husband Donald?

If you watched the Presidential debate between Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, you might have caught sight of their respective families. Trump’s wife, Melania, was in attendance, and though she didn’t say much last night, her fashion choices seem to have spoken VOLUMES. At first, Melania’s shirt just looks chic and on point for the wife of a Presidential nominee. Pink, long sleeves, high neck. Reports speculate that it costs a whopping $1,100 and is made by Gucci.

The price tag is far from the most surprising thing about this particular, blouse, however.

As a Twitter user discovered, it appears that Melania’s blouse is branded as the “Pussy Bow” by designer Gucci.

Ah, yes. Because who hasn’t heard about Trump’s sexist and misogynist comments about how he grab a woman just about anywhere he wants? While a Trump campaign spokesperson has responded and told CBS’ Sopan Deb it was “not intentional,” we’re PRETTY sure it’s suggestive of something.

Check out some images of the notorious Pussy Bow blouse and see for yourself if you catch any ~secret messages~ from it:




Is Melania finally tired of making excuses for her husband? Heck, is she finally tired of forgiving him? We can’t know for sure what her thought process was when selecting this blouse — and to be fair, it could be have been based entirely on that rich pink hue — but we think it’s definitely suspect of something deeper.

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