WOW air is at it again: $55 flights to Europe this summer

If your wanderlust meter is already at critical, look away now, ’cause WOW air is offering $55 flights to Europe this summer. WOW air is one of the recent ~bargain~ airlines that ferries people from the U.S. to desirable European locations that usually cost you an arm and a leg…but now are blessedly within reach. WOW air’s prices on a regular basis are dependably low — seldom exceeding $500 even at last-minute peak times — but in honor of WOW’s fifth birthday, they’re dropping prices even lower.

Starting today at 7 a.m. ET, flights as low as $55 will be available to 11 European locations from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

How can you say no to that?! That’s cheaper than it is to fly almost anywhere within the United States, let alone enough to buy you a glamorous vacation to Amsterdam.

The availability of cheap flights is super limited, and the destinations depend on where you’re flying from. East Coast departures offer different options (Bristol, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Cork) than West Coast departures (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, and Berlin). Luckily, literally none of these options are bad.

So whether your ideal summer trip is grabbing fish, chips, and a warm beer outside of the Tower of London, eating chocolate in Belgium, hiking up a dormant volcano for views of a castle in Edinburgh, or visiting the coffee shops in Amsterdam, it’s totally within reach. The WOW air founder said of the sale:

“We want to celebrate our anniversary and share our great success by offering the best prices ever seen."

And y’know, we have to agree.

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