This airline will fly you from California to Iceland for $99

How often have you daydreamed about a grand, romantic trip to Europe, then checked local flights and gone, “Nope, that’s my rent, bye dreams.”

WOW air feels your dream-pain. And they want you to have your pretty, fancy European vacation. Which is why, beginning in the summer of 2016, they’re going to be offering flights from LA to Iceland for $99. Yes, you read that right. No, that figure isn’t missing any numbers. $99.

“Um, but when I said ‘grand, romantic, European dream vacation,’ I meant, like London and Paris, not, um Iceland,” you may be awkwardly pointing out right now.

Totally fine! As ABC 7 reports, for $199, people from LA can fly one-way to cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, London, Paris, doing a one-hour layover in Iceland.

$99 to go to Iceland and SEE THE AURORA BOREALIS. If that’s not a dream, I don’t know what is.


Flights start out of LAX on June 15. And just to give everyone an idea of what other flights are going for from LA to Reykjavik, I hopped on Expedia, did a little digging, and the cheapest one-way flight I could find from LA was $585. Meanwhile the cheapest flight I could find to London from LA that day was $761 and the cheapest flight I could find to Paris was $844. Meanwhile if you flew directly to Paris with WOW, it would be about $500, but if you just do that one hour layover in Iceland, that price drops to $199. To which we all say “whut.”

We are VERY into this WOW discount and have started dreaming about summertime European vacations all over again.

(Image via WOW air, Giphy/Tumblr)