Would you get a “Gilmore Girls” tattoo?

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We’ll be the first to admit that we’re die-hard Gilmore Girls fans. And with the reboot around the corner, we’ll also admit we’ve been obsessing. Just a little. So, it doesn’t surprise us that there are folks out there as GG-happy as us, so much so that they get inked with tattoos that remind them of the show.

Here are some Carole King lyrics from the show’s intro that will make you permanently nostalgic:

A colorful motto of the Life and Death Brigade will remind you to always be ready for anything:

This tattoo reference’s the name of Lorelai’s lipstick:

Here’s another way to pay tribute to the Yale secret society:

And there’s also this clever way to combine Rory/Lorelai’s catchphrase with their favorite thing ever:

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