“The Worst Witch” TV series has a start date and it stars this “Game of Thrones” star!

Game of Thrones fans everywhere can rejoice that one of their favorite characters we met in this new season will be gracing us even more with her presence. Everybody’s favorite badass Lyanna Mormont (flawlessly played by the talented young Bella Ramsey) will be the main character in an upcoming CBBC series based on The Worst Witch book series by Jill Murphy.

While The Worst Witch books have been brought to life before both on TV and in a delightful 1986 movie. And while there’s only a few details about the cast available, we’re most excited about seeing more of Ramsey (especially since we have to wait another *sigh* ten months before we get the chance for more Game of Thrones).


If you don’t watch GoT (which is probably a healthy choice), prepare to be delighted by the young Ramsey. She pretty much stole the show every time she was on the screen this season. She’s a powerful young actress who completely embodies her roles and commands attention.


And she will be absolutely perfect for Mildred Hubble (The Worst Witch main character), which is set to air in Summer 2017. After seeing her in all her glory, it’ll be fun to see her take on a completely different feel as a clumsy witch who continuously gets in trouble at a prestigious school for witches. She’s labeled the “worst witch” in the school despite her good intentions and must learn to navigate both her powers and her life as a young witch.


It will not only be fun to see Ramsey take on this dramatically different role, but it will be great to see her interacting with an ensemble of other young women her age. We have no doubt she’ll own the room when she’s sharing it with powerful girls just like her as much as she owns it when there’s a bunch of old, war-battered men cowering at her every command.

Basically, we’re super excited to see what she does with this opportunity and to have the chance to watch more of this young talent grow and shine before our eyes.

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