Scary Relationship Things You Totally Don’t Have to Worry About

Two years ago, I stated I’d never share a bathroom with any future husband. Certain things are better left a mystery, I argued, adding that I wouldn’t want my significant other to see me on a rough morning or watch me give birth. Once I met the right guy though, I realized that a huge part of love is sharing everything with the other person, including and especially bad hair days, TMI bathroom stories, grueling labor (for couples desiring children), ugly cry sessions, and kisses before either individual has brushed his/her teeth for the day.

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s understandable to aim to look exceptional for someone, but you eventually get so close that you don’t care about your love’s “imperfections” or less attractive moments. When you’re happy enough, the things below won’t matter.

Bad breath in the morning

The first kiss of the day might not taste so great, but when you adore the person beside you, waking up next to him/her is the best gift in the world and you can’t help wanting to drown him/her in kisses right away.

Unshaven legs

Now that fall is in full swing, there’s less of an incentive to shave your legs every single day. Somebody who really loves you isn’t going to care if your legs are a little prickly when you get too busy to take care of it. He/she knows it can be a huge pain and doesn’t expect you to always look your best.

Bad hair days and bedhead 

Plus, some guys are adorable with bedhead.

Makeup and glamour-free days

Some days, you simply won’t have time to doll yourself up, and that’s totally fine.

A little bit of weight gain/loss

If you’re with somebody for more than a couple months, your bodies are going to change at some point. One or both of you will put on a few pounds or slim down. No matter what, you’re there for each other and not about to make a big deal out of it. You love your S.O. regardless of insignificant aesthetic shifts.

Getting sick and needing to tell someone about it

If you’re ill and physically suffering, your S.O. will hear all about it. When I was diagnosed with gastritis and thought I’d vomited blood, my boyfriend offered to look at the toilet to see whether he thought it was blood or just food. No one enjoys examining something like that, but when you care about someone as much or more than you care for yourself, you’ll do anything to make him/her feel better.

Looking silly when you cry

It’s hard not to look ridiculous when you’re crying, but someone who values you won’t be thinking about your expressions as it happens. He/she will just be sad that you’re upset and try to cheer you up!

Snoring or annoying sleep habits

When I first started dating my boyfriend, I was so worried he’d be turned off by my sleep talking tendencies, but oddly enough, he never wakes up to any of it. Someone who loves you will put up with the annoying nighttime habits like bed hogging, talking, and snoring, as he/she would rather have you to cuddle with than sleep solo.

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