We have a photo of the “world’s most loyal dog.” We’re sobbing.

Back in the 1920’s in Tokyo, a man and his dog would leave for work together every day. That sentence is sweet and heartbreaking enough to make me tear up but there’s more.

The man, Hidesaburō Ueno, and his dog, Hachiko, traveled together to the Shibuya train station and Hachiko always waited at the station for Ueno to return at the end of the day. Until one day when Ueno unexpectedly died while at work. Hachiko waited there for him, watching the trains until he died. Which was ten years.

There’s a new statute dedicated to the pair and now we have a real photo of Hachiko to look at.

As the New York Post reports, the photo was taken in 1934, during the last year of Hachiko’s life. Hachiko passed away when he was 11 years old, and during the ten years he lived at the station (1925-1935), kind strangers took it upon themselves to feed this most loyal pup. We love that the community came together to take care of this sweetheart of a dog.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a statue of Hachiko at the Shibuya station, and 92-year-old sculptor Takeshi Ando, who actually got to play with the IRL Hachiko in his studio for two months before he created the masterpiece, found that the recently surfaced photo brought back sweet memories.

“Hachiko blended in with the area around the station [in the photo] and this is just what I saw at that time,” Ando told the Japan Times. “I have never looked at such a photo that caught the atmosphere of Hachiko’s everyday life at that time so well.”

(Image via Twitter)