These are the world’s friendliest cities

When traveling to a new place, a friendly face can make all the difference in making you feel welcome. It’s true for those moving to a new city, too. What could make you feel more like part of the community than kind neighbors and hospitality? But as anyone who has traveled or moved knows, friendliness isn’t a given in a new place. Thankfully, Travel + Leisure magazine has just released their annual reader-voted World’s Best Awardswhich has some amazing insights from people who have experienced cities as newcomers. One of the categories is friendliness, and the results are totally interesting.

“People who are proud of their city, passionate about its culture, and invested in its future are eager to share that with visitors,” the article notes. “Like voluntary tour guides, they’re the first to point you in the right direction, share a little-known cafe home to the most spectacular local delicacy, or defend its proverbial walls in times of crisis or controversy.”

The list includes 30 cities from around the world where visitors will feel at home among friendly locals. From Kyoto, Japan to Krakow, Poland, the list is a veritable travel bucket list. Smaller cities are also featured high up in the rankings, with Nashville, TN and Asheville, NC breaking the top 15.

But the top spot? Galway, Ireland. “Galway won readers’ hearts with its festive nature, lively population, and musicality,” according to T+L. “Fiddlers and banjo-players, flautists and whistlers bang out traditional Irish reels on pedestrian streets and in all the pubs. And no wonder! It’s known countrywide (and beyond) as the “most Irish” city.” Other Irish cities, Cork and Dublin, are also in the top five.

Savannah, GA kicks off the top ten, with T+L noting the city’s “good-natured residents.” Edinburgh, Scotland and Siem Reap, Cambodia were voted into the top ten as well, while Australia appears twice with Melbourne and Sydney.

The people have spoken, and you can see the full list right here! But why take someone else’s word for it? Fact-checking trip to Galway, anyone?

(Image via iStock)