Pack your bags, this is officially the best hotel in the world

Traveling can be amazing, but it always comes with its helping of stress. Packing, airports, jet lag, a place to stay — all of that stuff is an inevitable side effect of acting on your wanderlust. But if you’re going to Johdpur, India anytime soon and you’ve got a couple of extra bucks (OK, a LOT of extra bucks), we officially know where you should stay.

TripAdvisor recently rolled out their list of the top 20 hotels in the world in 2016, as part of the site’s 14th Traveler’s Choice Awards. And while they’re all gorgeous, we’ve got serious heart eyes for number one: Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur. Seriously, LOOK AT IT:

This beautiful hotel, which is one of the largest royal residences in the world, has got a rich history, according to The Quint:

And now, in 2016, it’s a wonderland, complete with horse-drawn carriages. It also has 347 rooms, ranging from about $450 to, well, a LOT more. 

“Guests get a taste of what it was like to live like kings,” the hotel’s official description reads. “From rooms once occupied by the Maharaja. . . [to] regal pastimes like polo or croquet. . . [to] magnificent views of the palace gardens and the spectacular Mehrangarh Fort. . . [to] unique themed dinners that flaunt all the pomp-and-splendour of the desert kingdom.”

Pretty much, if you were to stay here, you could TOTALLY pretend you’re a Disney princess the entire time, because it’s just that stunning. I mean, LOOK AT THIS CEILING: 

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