The restaurants on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list serve up extreme #foodporn

Even if you aren’t a foodie, you’ve probably snapped a pic of what you’re eating at a restaurant. Food aesthetics are a whole thing, with every cooking reality show rewarding and deducting points for plating. The “look” of a plate doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s going to be delicious, and vice versa. All that said, the best restaurants in the world serve up some awfully beautiful cuisine.

The entrants on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, which dropped this week, are no exception.

Of course, like Michelin stars and other markers of exceptional food, many of these restaurants are decidedly on the pricy side. But you know what’s free? Looking at luscious food Instagrams!

Like this incredible salad from NYC’s Cosme:

Totally luminous scallops from Chile’s Astrid y Gastón:

The peculiar and otherworldly offerings at Hong Kong’s Amber:

I can’t stop staring at this spread from France’s Mirazur:

And taking the top spot is NYC’s Eleven Madison Park:

Um, anyone wanna “loan” me a few hundred dollars?

This list is far from a comprehensive view of the fine dining world. After all, it still has a category called “Best Female Chef,” which would be alright except there’s no Best Male counterpart? And the cooking world, despite cooking’s domestic slant, is rife with men and a combative masculine culture.

In a world where MTV’s Movie & TV award shows are adopting gender neutrality, let’s make gender exclusivity a thing of the past. Even if the issue in question is “only” just who made what’s on your plate.