22 motivational workout quotes that will give you fitspiration

Got a bad case of the exercise blahs? Can’t find the motivation to get your booty off the couch and go for a run? We’ve all been there. Luckily, these inspiring workout quotes will remind you that all of the sweat and pain that goes into working out is very worth it in the end.

So next time Netflix asks, “Are you still watching?” you can answer, NO. You’re at the gym! You’ll feel so much better in the long run.

1Be rich in fitness.

“The greatest wealth is health.” — Virgil

2Yoga keeps you flexible in more ways than one.

“I bend, so I don’t break.” — Author Unknown

3No regrets.

“Wow, I really regret that workout – Said No One Ever.” — Author Unknown

4Just keep going.

“When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart.” — Author Unknown

5No pain, no gain!

“No sweat, no beauty. No squat, no booty.” — Author Unknown

6The journey is the goal.

“Fit is not a destination. It’s a way of life.” — Author Unknown


“Exercise is a blessing, not a chore. I work out because I’m grateful that I physically can.” — Author Unknown

8Don’t be your own roadblock.

“Your only limit is you.” — Author Unknown

9You’re not as busy as you think.

“Don’t find time to exercise. Make the time to exercise.” — Author Unknown

10These are rules to live by.

“Keep your squats low and your standards high.” — Author Unknown

11Make the better choice.

“It’s easier to work out every day, than it is to look in the mirror each day and not like what you see.” — Author Unknown

12Just get dressed!

“Sometimes all it takes is to get into your workout gear for your brain to switch to workout mode.” — Author Unknown

13Keep challenging yourself.

“Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort.” — Author Unknown

14Think like a CEO.

“Think of your workouts as important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.” — Author Unknown

15Don’t underestimate 15 minutes.

“Every workout counts.” — Author Unknown

16Exercise can be revolutionary.

“A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body; it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.” — Author Unknown

17Put in the work.

“Always be a work in progress.” — Emily Lillian

18If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.

“Everything is hard before it’s easy.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

19Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment.

“Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.” — Author Unknown

20Break out.

“Success does not happen within your comfort zone.” — Author Unknown

21Feel the burn.

“If it burns, you’re getting closer.” — Author Unknown

22Get those squats!

“Good things come to those who squat.” — Author Unknown