How I learned to work with my best friend

Three years ago, one of my besties had a brainwave. She wanted to start a blog that focussed on two of her major passions: pop culture and feminism. When she asked me if I wanted to start a new blog with her, my answer was an instant yes. Not only is she a kick-ass person, who gives the best advice in every situation, she also has the best taste in just about everything. We don’t always agree, but that’s what made the idea of starting a blog together so appealing. Our different points of view are the perfect mesh. Where I always pick Dawson, she’s a Pacey girl through and through. That’s the mark of solid friendship right there. We’re yin and yang, yo! Fast forward three years and the blog is still going strong. It’s been the greatest project to work on with my bestie. So many awesome things have happened as a result of working together, and we’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. Here’s everything I’ve learnt from working with my best friend! Working together is better than working apart We both have different skills, and that’s a good thing. Learning to manage our strengths and divide up the jobs accordingly is a real plus. My bestie is great at networking, at dealing with online disagreements, and generally making the site look great. I really enjoy playing around with the Content Management System and getting posts ready to publish. The blog is better when we work together, rather than apart. Having someone to bounce ideas can only make them stronger My bestie is always FB ready to reply to my queries about an article I’m writing, a boy problem I’m having, or a TV show conundrum I’m facing. She is my perfect reader, and will give me honest feedback on just about anything, and I love that about her. Friends make the best blog-mates because they want you to succeed Working with someone else spurs me on to make my output even better. I don’t want to let her down or slack off. I want to make the site we’ve created a success, and she does too. We care about what we’re doing, and that’s made even better by the fact that we’re friends. It’s OK to disagree Whether it’s Taylor Swift, or current affairs, we don’t always agree. But our difference of opinion really helps us find balance in our work, and we’re both willing to compromise for the greater good. We get to make decisions as a team, and that’s really cool From deciding whether to advertise products on the site, to discussing which submissions to publish, it’s fun to make these decisions with my bestie. Ambition is contagious My bestie has the greatest ambitions, and it’s always exciting to be a part of that. She’s never scared to dream big, or plan for the future, and I love that about her. She’s made me believe that I can achieve things I never thought possible, and I’m so thankful for that. I can’t recommend working on a creative project with your bestie enough. Whether it’s a blog, or another artistic endeavour, working with your best friend can bring about the best ideas, and most inspiring work ever.