Your work lunch is about to get carried in the cutest bag ever

If you’re one of those magical, practical people who consistently bring your own lunch to work instead of spending $20 on a mediocre sandwich and a sparkling water every day, then you probably already have a super stylish lunch bag. Wait, what’s that? You carry your lunch in an old plastic bag or, (GASP!) you just throw it in your normal purse?

Let’s not tempt fate by carrying your salami sandwich in the same parcel as your makeup and wallet — even if it’s just for 15 minutes. You’re going to need a lunch bag and we DON’T mean a plain brown paper sack like the ones you used back in grade school. A stylish person like yourself should be carrying last night’s leftovers in something ~fantastical~ like this circular lunch bag from


Your coworkers might think you have a cute new purse but will be surprised that it’s actually a lowkey lunchcase! It’s also insulated so your grub will kept cool. Choose from two designs — holographic or a chic square pattern.



Lunch will never be boring again, plus you’ll save money because you’re going to want to bring lunch EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Girl’s Gotta Eat Lunch Bag,, $24

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