Here’s how you know you’ve got a true work BFF

Quality work BFFs are few and far between. They’re there when you need them the most—which is always because you’re at work. They get your baggage with your boss, your anxiety about a deadline and most of all, they know when you need a break. When you’re getting dressed in the morning dreading heading into work, you know that seeing their pretty little faces will make everything better. But solidifying that work bestie relationship takes time and times.

Here are the telltale signs you’ve reached that all-important best friend status with your co-worker (as illustrated by classic sitcom work besties Laverne & Shirley, because they are the gold standard of work friendship.)

You can communicate with your eyes.

No need for words. You and your work BFF can have complete conversations via eye rolls and facial expressions.

She knows who your office crush is.

Make that crushes – and she is your wingwoman for each one.

She lets you know when she saw your crush and everything he/she was doing.

Work BFF: “I just saw Mike in the kitchen. He was Cheerios and cutting up a banana to put on top. He mentioned he’s been eating his Cheerios the same way since high school. How cute is that?!?”
You: “That is crucial information and I am grateful you are my partner in crime.”

She knows your coffee order. And never messes it up.

Your work BFF knows all – including your order for a grande caffe mocha, no sugar, no whipped cream, extra dry, with half skim, half full milk. No she doesn’t want 2% milk, just a mixture for both. And she gets bonus points for never judging your order either.

You can count on her to give you an honest answer.

Any stranger can be polite, but a work BFF tells you when you look like a hot mess vs smiling to your face and then running to tell everyone else.

She knows your “bored” face…

Because she’s feel the exact same way.And when you have no idea what’s going on in the meeting but want to look like you actually do. Because she’s making the exact same face.

She knows the exact moment when you need to take a walking vent-about-that-coworker break.

Walk? Yesssssss. (Or how about a bike ride?)

She always has your back.

Just like with your non-work besties, people know not to talk smack about you to your your BFF.

At 3:30pm, she knows it’s snack time.

Hangry is a real thing – so is email burnout. You work BBF knows to take your daily snack break seriously.

The work/life line has definitely been blurred.

You text after work even though you’re going to see her literally the next day. For five days in a row. And you’ve definitely had more than a few happy hours together.

Your conversations go from professional to personal to everything in between.

A work BFF offers the best of both worlds. She understands what you’re talking about at work AND can jump to listening to a conversation about your roommate. She’s literally the most talented multi-tasker in your life. And you’ve definitely shared all the feels with her.

She doesn’t judge. Ever.

She completely understands when you’re having one of those days. When you just. can’t. focus.

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