How to make your work-at-home job even more awesome

Right now, I’m working. And I’m also sitting in incredibly comfy owl pajamas with my adorable dog Eevee by my side. Hey, have I mentioned that working from home is sweet?

I’m the content manager for a health and wellness magazine called Inspiyr. I work full time from home for an awesome boss whom I’ve only met in person four times in the past year and a half or so, but whom I talk to probably more often than most people through e-mail, text, and phone. As the ultimate introvert, working from home is the only way I want to live my life. But I’ll be the first to admit that it does have its challenges. Here’s how to make your work-at-home position even more awesome.

Create an office

Just because you don’t have your own office at your company doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make one. It doesn’t even have to be a *real* office. Mine is my bedroom so I can play some great working music and concentrate on my work. This is especially essential if there are people at your house. I adore my brother with all of my heart, but I often have to lock myself away from him because he is constantly cracking jokes. Goofball.

Talk to your roommates

Speaking of people you live with, have a real conversation with them about your stay-at-home position. It can be really tough to work from home simply because people assume that since you’re at home, you have extra time to clean the house or run errands. Nope. You have a job, just like they do, so don’t let them pressure you to do an extra load of dishes just because your office is closer in proximity to said dishes. Also, if they’re home during the hours you’re working, kindly remind them not to be too loud, or to have raging parties when you’re trying to, you know, change the world.

Get yourself moving

Okay, I’m not just saying this because I work for a health and wellness magazine. Seriously girl, invest in a standing desk. Sitting for eight hours a day is terrible for you, and it makes it much harder for you to accidentally fall asleep on your keyboard on a day when you’re just not feeling energized. If this isn’t possible for you, take a break every hour or so to do lunges, squats, etc. Get your legs moving. It will really help with your energy levels and keep you motivated.

Buy a planner

When you work from home, you don’t have someone behind you breathing down your neck 24/7. That means you have to keep yourself in check and make sure you’re getting everything done. Plan everything out the night before in a cute planner. I recently purchased a Passion Planner as a Christmas present to myself, and it was the best investment I ever made (other than the standing desk, obvs).

Change your scenery

Not having to deal with awkward conversations around the water cooler? Super sweet. But unfortunately, being at home constantly with no real human interaction means that you can get a little stir-crazy. It’s important to get a change of scenery. There are a few coffee shops I enjoy frequenting. Explore your town and find your favorite little places where you can get some hard work done. It’s also nice to go visit friends in other towns, and when they’re at work, I work. Then when we’re both finished working, we celebrate with a hard-earned drink and lady-time.

Take breaks

It can be overwhelming sometimes to work from home because you don’t have defined breaks. You may try to keep it 9 – 5, but it can be hard to really let go after a hard day’s work. When you feel yourself getting stressed and overwhelmed, give yourself a brief break, whether that’s to go take a walk or just to watch an episode of something on Netflix. Let yourself recharge, just for a little bit, so you can go back to your work refreshed and ready to get sh*t done.

Get out there and change the world. . .in the comfort of your own home. You go, girl!

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