So, this is the world’s most popular name

Babies get named every day. Or, I guess every hour or minute or second or however frequently babies are born in this world of ours. But what’s interesting is how baby names follow trends just like clothing and music and pop culture at large. That’s how we end up with kids named Bella and Edward and Katniss.

My name, Erin, was very popular in the early ’80s, so when I was born in 1984 it was starting its decline. And think about it — how many NEW Erins do you really meet?

But a naming expert, Laura Wattenberg, has determined what the most popular baby name *fairytale narrator voice* “in all the land” is. . . are you ready for this?

It’s Sophia!

Can also be spelled, Sofia. But still, our co-founder’s name is the most popular baby name in the world right now! It is MOST popular in Italy, Slovakia and Mexico, according to Wattenberg. Also shouts out to Sophia Bush and AnnaSophia Robb and Sofia Coppola and Sofia Vergara and all the other amazing Sophia/Sofias out there.

The name Sophia comes from the Greek word for wisdom so not only is it a pretty name to hear it also means something really cool.

How magical that we have a name close to home that reaches the whole world! Congratulations to Sophia/Sofias! Go forth and multiply! And name more girls Sophia.

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