7 words about love that didn’t exist when you were a kid

Remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? It was a BIG deal. You carefully selected cards featuring your favorite Disney or Nickelodeon characters, addressed them to your classmates and obsessed over what candy to attach to each. The valentines said things like “Be my valentine!” and “You’re cool!” and “I’m glad you’re my friend.” But these sayings and pet names of the 90s have changed.

Today, kids probably don’t affectionately call each other things like “valentine” or “crush” anymore. And sadly, they’ve moved on from the simple phrase “You’re cool!” Because ICYMI, the way we talk has totes changed a lot in the last decade. Slang, shorthand, and acronyms are all fair game now. They’ve changed how we praise each other (haircut on fleek), express our feelings (this outfit is fire) and make big life decisions (YOLO). And now, they’ve changed how we talk about love. Here are 7 words about love that definitely didn’t exist when you were a kid.

Bae Simply put, Bae stands for “before anyone else” or “before anything else.” So if you’re calling someone bae, you’re referencing that they’re pretty dang important to you.

Thirsty This lustful expression is for the hopeful. For the eager. For those who are trying to pick up someone and are feeling, well thirsty.

Boo No, we aren’t trying to spook you. Yes, being a “boo” is a good thing these days. It’s doesn’t mean you’ve seen a ghost—it’s an affectionate term of endearment that couples have been quick to adopt.

S.O. We’re supes into abbrevs these days. So much so that we’re totes fine with abbreviating significant other to its two initials, “S.O.”

Slam piece This term is a more vulgar way to describe someone you have a physical relationship with. I advise not picking this one up and casually slinging it around.

bb Yes, when calling someone bb, we suggest you use lowercase. It’s just good form. This one is an abbreviation for “baby” and applies to both relationships and friendships.

And if you want to keep things more familial, go with fam. It’s what you call those closest to you that you love. It’s for the people who really “get” you.