Word Of The Week: #Read

Read(-ing)- No books required

Not to be confused with shade, READING, as Rocky from The New Normal so eloquently put it, is:

This term has been around for a very long time but first became popular after the word was defined in Paris Is Burning.

By reading, you are obtaining power through insult or “calling out” someone for a behavior they might not want publicly known. You can also read the obvious (appearance, attitude, lifestyle) and a read should include your opinion on who or what you are reading.

A great read is done using *facial expressions and dramatic flair, and ALWAYS has a foot in the truth. More specific than a “Yo Mama” joke, reading  is supposed to verbally cut the person getting read.

*Use of this word does not require snapping fingers or using your neck but it is suggested in the level of effectiveness.

You can read a stranger but a read does not need to be limited to the surface. If you know someone, feel free to dig deep into something that has bothered you or even something they have done that was wrong in some way. 

Practice reading in your head. 

Imagine you are reading a page out of the most honest burn book. Now, add some hand and body movements to accentuate your point. Please read responsibly and prepare for the response. A flawlessly executed read will render the other person speechless but if the person (or situation) was in need of a read in the first place it can become messy.

At times, a dramatic exit can be used to finish the read.

If you are not familiar with reading, or have never been read, here are two videos with step by step instructions on How. To. REEEEAD *wagging my finger*

You betta’ read, hunny.