Woody Harrelson might be featured in the upcoming Han Solo movie, and we think he’d be an amazing choice

You’ve probably seen Rogue One by now. So, now it’s time to look into the future. And by future, we mean Disney’s upcoming movie that’ll be focused on the one and only Han Solo from Star Wars. While not many details have emerged just yet, it’s been confirmed that Woody Harrelson might star in the Star Wars film — not as Han, but definitely as someone quite important to the movie. Many are guessing that Harrelson is being eyed to play Han’s mentor.

Harrelson is currently in the midst of talks and negotiations. And, seriously? If we were him, we’d have nothing much to consider before saying yes. Of course this is going to be a big film — it’s already got a lot of chatter behind it.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller — the team behind The Lego Movie (and The Last Man On Earth, and the very funny Clone High) — are set to direct the film, which will be the next standalone movie of the Star Wars franchise.

Donald Glover and Emilia Clarke are already attached to the picture. Alden Ehrenreich has already been pegged to play Han. If that’s not an all-star cast already, we don’t know what is.

The film is set to hit theaters in 2018. Currently, it’s without a title — but we have a feeling that Jon Kasdan and Lawrence Kasdan, both writers attached to the project, will think up something amazing soon.

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