You won’t believe what school supply staple this makeup artist uses for perfect brows

If we’re honest, one of the beauty areas that we obsess about most are our eyebrows. Whether they’re too thick or too thin, it always feels like there’s room for a little brow improvement. We’ve tried all the brow pencils and fill powders and tweezing techniques we can to get perfect arches.

When brows are right, they just totally make your look.

But when they don’t quite match, it can be a disaster.

Now, this celebrity makeup artist has a tip that includes school supplies, and we were blown away.

Makeup artist Sir John hosts a masterclass, where he revealed some of his secrets. According to Huffington Post, Sir John explains that he has a secret ingredient for giving brows that full, textured look. But before you go rushing to the makeup counter, hold up, because this insider secret can be bought at your local school supplies store.

That’s right, Sir John’s secret to perfect brows is a white glue stick!


Yeah, the kind we used to use in elementary school for our favorite art projects. Sir John gives each brow a quick swipe with the glue stick, and then brushes the brows out to give them that lush, textured look that he likes.

And we’ve got to say, we love it too.

BRB, we’ve got a lot of glue sticks to buy!


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