You won’t believe what ‘90s hair trend “Game of Thrones” is bringing back

Dramatic curls are making a huge comeback, thanks to the ever-sexy Jon Snow. He’s so irresistible that people are even starting to copy his hairstyle. I guess it’s time to put the man bun to rest! false false

Don’t worry. This kind of perm isn’t going to be a repeat of Justin Timberlake’s curls from the early 2000s that looked rock hard from all the styling gel. Technology has improved, according to Diana Schmidtke, a professional men’s stylist with loads of experience. She told USA Today, “It’s not your 1980s perms anymore, the science has technically advanced.”

Gone are the days when a perm left you with tight, stiff curls. “Now they’re using very large perm rods, which give looser curls,”  Schmidtke said. Your hair will have more movement, giving it a more natural, face-framing look, rather than the over-the-top volume we used to see back in the day. So far, sounds pretty sexy. Of course, if you go to a trusted stylist, they’ll work with you to find out how to make the perm fit your face perfectly.

It’s important to note, though, that Kit Harington, the actor responsible for bringing Jon Snow to life, has naturally curly hair. No perm needed. Schmidtke said, “It should be duly noted that Kit Harington’s hair is naturally curly. In photoshoots or on the red carpet you see they actually relax his hair.” So Kit isn’t exactly trying to set any trends here. He’s actually been quite outspoken about how he isn’t fond of being a sex object of sorts. “I like to think of myself as more than a head of hair or a set of looks,” he once said. false

I have to say, I think it’s pretty cool that men are feeling more and more comfortable to express themselves in this way. We used to think of perms as beauty routines reserved specifically for women, so it’s great to see everyone comfortable enough to ask for a perm if they feel like it. Besides, curls are sexy! And they’ve been considered sexy ever since the 19th century, when Romantic poets flaunted their wavy hair as they produced heart wrenching works about true love. So in a way, Jon Snow is bringing romance back in a modern way.

Whether the perm fad actually picks up doesn’t matter to me, as long as Jon Snow keeps his locks — and all his other traits — exactly the way they are.

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