Meet Wonky Mr. Potato Head, a toy like you’ve never seen before

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and that goes for potatoes as well. Toy company Hasbro has partnered with FareShare, a surplus food redistribution charity, to prove just that: even if produce doesn’t look “pretty,” that doesn’t mean you should waste it. What better way to get that message across to love *all* vegetables than with a “Wonky Mr. Potato Head”?

Based on the popular children’s toy, Wonky Mr. Potato head is just Mr. Potato Head with a twist — literally. He’s slightly distorted, his body growing sideways. But that doesn’t mean he’s any less cute or fun to play with! This is often the misconception when it comes to buying produce at the store — customers gravitate towards the “perfect” looking fruits and vegetables, leaving behind the “wonky” ones and inevitably wasting food that could be put to good use.


You can own Wonky Mr. Potato Head for yourself: Head to Ebay to place a bid on the toy (currently at 220 British pounds) and all proceeds will go towards FareShare, ensuring no food will ever be wasted just because it looks different. The lucky winner will get to play with Wonky Mr. Potato Head — perhaps while eating some wonky-looking vegetables.

We love this initiative even more than we love Wonky Mr. Potato Head, because it helps both people and vegetables in need. It’s also inspired us to take a look at our own buying habits. Next time we’re at the grocery store, we’ll give the produce at the bottom of the pile a chance.