Wonder Woman’s New Costume is Not What We Expected

When you think of Wonder Woman, you think patriotic unitard-clad ass-kicking goddess who wields a golden lasso and flies an invisible plane. So what are we to make of Wonder Woman’s latest makeover? With a new image of actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, bursting forth from Comic-Con, she’s getting a whole lot of attention. Her new costume certainly is in keeping with the trend of examining the dark and damaged sides of our once vibrant superheroes.

You just need to look at the latest incarnations of Super Man and Batman coming out of Comic-Con to see that our heroes appear to be tortured souls and Wonder Woman is joining their ranks. And we’re not sure how we feel about it. Neither is the general public.

Some are lovin‘ her new look. She does look like a fierce warrior capable of fighting epic world-saving battles. Others are crying out in despair, calling her a Xena knockoff, and mourning the loss of her vibrant, strapless patriotic attire reflective of the World War II era.

Gone are the primary colors in favor of a decidedly more earth-toned, somber color scheme. And they’ve done away with the spandex in exchange for a sturdier leather and armor combo. She looks more like the Amazonian warrior queen Xena than anything else. Though Wonder Woman is something of an Amazonian princess, so it kind of works.

At least she comes equipped with all her weapons, including lasso, bracelets, and sword. (We’re assuming the invisible plane is right behind her.) Though her lasso isn’t golden, at least not in this lighting, and she appears to have put on her crown upside down.

Do we miss the cheese-factor of the old costume? Yes. Do we wish it had a few more stars and stripes in it? Perhaps. Maybe her shoes should be a bit more practical for this day and age? Sure. Captain America still got to keep the sensibility of his original costume when it was updated and a little more of that kind of flavor would be more than welcome in Wonder Woman’s style. To be fair, she does have the eagle emblazoned across her chest, but one or two more tiny touches to the old look would have done a world of service to the fans. Though this costume seems to pay more tribute to her origins among the Amazons, and a little bit of history behind your favorite characters is never a bad thing.

One thing we’re definitely not digging is the hatred flying at Gal Gadot for not fitting the Wonder Woman look. People of the internet will always vociferously express themselves, but there’s no reason to hate on Gal. In the photo she’s tall, strong, and looks like she could kick anyone’s ass. Wonder Woman is more than just a body, anyhow. And who’s to tell anyone what it looks like their body can or can’t do?

Besides, all we’ve got so far is one photo. Let’s all just relax. We’ve finally got a Wonder Woman. She’s armored, she’s armed, and she’s ready to prove the naysayers wrong.

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