Wonder Woman’s new Barbie is making all of us want to play with dolls again

We’re already super pumped to see Gal Gadot star in the new Wonder Woman movie. She looks awesome, the trailer looks awesome and we’re just super pumped to see a movie focused on a female superhero. And we’re getting even more pumped, because at Comic-Con, Mattel released its new Amazon Princess Wonder Woman Barbie, and she looks freaking awesome.

BRB gotta get to the toy store for my Wonder Woman Barbie now!

The doll was directly inspired by the new movie, with her long blue cloak and gladiator-looking skirt. And this is definitely one of the first Barbies we’ve seen that comes with its own sword. Wonder Woman Barbie for sure don’t need no Ken to protect her!

They’ve definitely managed to capture some of Gal Gadot’s fierceness!

Thank you, Barbie, for giving adult women a reason to go back to playing with dolls!

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