The internet is not happy with the new Wonder Woman’s armpits

Leave it to the internet to notice something so specific. People are upset with Wonder Woman‘s armpits, and they’re making their voices heard.

The trailer for the new Wonder Woman movie was finally released, and it’s clear that Diana Prince (played by Gal Gadot) is going to kick some major ass. She’s fierce, brilliant, and an all-around badass, to say the least. But her badass-ery is not what the internet is talking about right now. It’s her hairless armpits.

In the trailer, we see Diana lifting a car (yes, a car) and throwing it down a street. We’re able to get a solid view of her armpits, which happen to be freshly shaven and seem to be digitally bleached. As you can imagine, people are pissed.

Because, according to fans, how does Wonder Woman have time to groom her armpits when she’s busy fighting the conflicts of the world?

More specifically, why would an Amazon with no previous contact with the outside world care about hair under her armpits?

Here are the pits in question:


Fans have taken to Twitter to discuss their concerns about her lack of armpit hair.


While we understand where fans are coming from, here’s the thing: Wonder Woman can still be symbol of female empowerment even if she shaves her armpits. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

Plus, in the history of Wonder Woman, she’s never had hair under her arms.

Sure, it’s probably unlikely that a superhero like Wonder Woman would have the time shave her pits. But she has to make time to shower at some point, right? There’s no way for her to have oil-free hair without a little rinse off. So while she was bathing, perhaps she decided to shave. It takes less than 30 seconds to shave both armpits, so we’re pretty sure she’d be able to make time for that.

Check out the trailer:

No armpit hair, don’t care. Also – armpit hair, don’t care. You do you.

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