Ladies are hiding swords down their dresses, just like Diana, because the “Wonder Woman” love will never die

Remember that epic scene in Wonder Woman when Diana walks into the ~fancy~ party ready to kick some butt and take names? Even though Steve Trevor told Diana not to go waltzing into the party, she does anyway, because she’s Diana. And oh, she brought the Godkiller with her, because she’s not at the party to wine and dine, she’s here to kill the God of War. As all parties should unfold.

It’s a great scene in the movie, because in order to sneak the Godkiller into the party, Diana hides it down the back of her dress. For everyone else, it just looks like a ~fancy~ dress. But for us, we know Diana’s about to start some shit (and omg, we love her so much for it).


And now, since the unyielding love for Wonder Woman will outlast everyone on Earth, fans of the movie and Diana’s take-no-prisoners attitude have started posting images to social media showing that they, too, can hide swords down the back of their dresses.

This is…this is so magical, and pure, and wonderful.

Images have been popping up on Instagram with the hashtag #WWGotYourBack for about a week now, but the trend was first started by Eva Wei on Facebook. As Wei writes, she was questioned about the logistics of it all and was like, “Here, hold my sword.”

The hashtag has only just taken off recently — as more and more ladies acquire swords, of course.

According to those who have tried this challenge, it’s not that difficult (especially if your sword has a hilt). However, everyone seems to agree: Don’t use a sharp sword! We’re not fighting in No Man’s Land today, so leave that to the professionals.

Ladies are also getting pretty creative, and we applaud the effort so hard.

All of these are so beautiful, and this is definitely something we can get behind. Wonder Woman, we’ve always got your back.