“Wonder Woman” just shattered this opening weekend record

Fans, and particularly female fans, all of over the world have been collectively holding their breath for the newly-released Wonder Woman movie. Why? In part because she’s just awesome. But also, this film has a chance of shattering long held misconceptions about female-directed movies. And guess what? Wonder Woman just shattered a record that helps prove the point!

According to Deadline, the movie just surpassed the 97 million dollar mark, with the total still rising. And that’s not just a nice big number: it’s the new record holder for biggest opening weekend haul for a female-directed movie. It’s now in a double-digit lead over the last contender, 50 Shades of Grey, which had an $85.1 million dollar opening. 

To sum up, the origin story of one of the most bad-ass women in comic book history is MAKING BANK, Y’ALL.

Both critics and audiences agree that Warner Brothers and the DCEU has a major hit on their hands. While this might make getting tickets harder for the rest of us, we cannot help beaming with pride!

Beating expectations left and right.

For some  dumb reason, studios are still unsure of having a female lead at the center of any movie. Let alone an action film. Things are shifting but we can all agree that it’s happening at a very slow pace. Luckily, this opening box office for Wonder Woman has proven that there is an audience hungry for this type of film. And that has mostly to do with two amazing women — Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins.

Patty Jenkins directed the Wonder Woman film and should take full credit for its success. Her last feature film was the Oscar-winning Monster, another movie led not only by Jenkins, but with an incredible female lead in Charlize Theron. If Hollywood had any doubt whether Jenkins would deliver, those doubts are gone. The box office sales are proof enough.

In addition to surpassing the estimated earnings projections, Wonder Woman has opened the door for female directors. Studio heads everywhere will need to take notice of the box-office behemoth. So if you want to see more movies with strong female characters, spearheaded by awesome female directors, you know what your job is this weekend!

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