“Wonder Woman’s” Rotten Tomatoes score is SO HIGH, and what a time to be alive

We had a feeling Wonder Woman would be amazing. But now, thanks to Wonder Woman‘s impressive Rotten Tomatoes score, we have critical confirmation that it is, in fact, wonderful. Film critics everywhere are singing Wonder Woman‘s praises, and that’s good news on so many levels.

At the current time, an incredible 97% of reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes are responding positively to the movie, making it one of the most widely praised superhero movie in recent years. For perspective, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 only got 81% positive reviews, and the widely-acclaimed Logan sat around 92% with good reviews.

So, Wonder Woman seems to be in a league if its own.

Basically, Diana Prince is brushing off haters like…

As of Tuesday afternoon, Wonder Woman‘s great feedback makes it the most positively reviewed DC or Marvel superhero movie ever. It has 62 “fresh” and two “rotten” reviews, and is tied with Pixar’s The Incredibles for top superhero film.

Like most major blockbusters, reviews and audience reactions will continue to roll in over the next few weeks, so we’ll be keeping an eye on that Tomatometer to see if and how things change. Though, from the looks of it, no matter what is thrown at this extraordinary superhero, she will prevail.

Of course, these awesome numbers are great news for Wonder Woman, but it’s also really exciting for the future of female superhero movies.

Wonder Woman, after all, is poised to be the first major female-fronted blockbuster hit. And while Gal Gadot is the face of the title superhero, Patty Jenkins directed the film. So, it’s a total #girlpower team of women involved in making the movie. If it does well, and it’s looking like it will, it could not only herald in a new age of lots more female superheroes, but also more badass women behind the camera.

And, um, yes, please.

June 2nd cannot come soon enough.

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