So, we don’t actually know for sure that Patty Jenkins is coming back to direct “Wonder Woman 2,” but we will riot if not

Maybe we got overly excited with the idea that Patty Jenkins might possibly return to direct a Wonder Woman sequel, but her involvement isn’t actually confirmed yet. The fact is, we know Jenkins is working on an outline, but Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce a sequel. (Though, let’s be real, it really just seems like a matter of time.)

What we do know is how badly we want Jenkins to return to direct (and more!), provided everything comes together.


In recent interviews and talks she’s given, Jenkins brought up some ideas she has for a sequel to the film — like Wonder Woman heading to America. Plus, she’s made it pretty clear that she’d be interested in directing a followup because, of course, she loves the character and cast. Many took this to mean all of this was a done deal.

But unfortunately, it’s all just us being hopeful at this point.

Even though Wonder Woman has smashed box-office records, there’s no official word about whether Jenkins will return. And the behind-the-scenes superhero even took a second to clarify on Twitter that nothing has been confirmed.

Hey All. Thanks for the excitement but that wasn't a confirmation," she wrote. "Just talking about ideas and hopes. But still excited and hopeful 😉 #WW2"

Okay, so we are remaining hopeful and optimistic. But, we will totally riot if this doesn’t happen. And we’ve all been training like Amazons since the movie came out so we’re ready!

Fingers crossed that there’s official word about a sequel, and whether Jenkins will direct, sooner rather than later.